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Every Now and Then and More
Really Good Things Happen
- Author Jill Tenkula; Illustrator: Tanya Glebova
Every Now and Then and More, by Jill Tenkula, is the first in the Happy Kids' Tool Kit Series meant to connect young readers with their everyday life experiences in a unique and helpful way. And it doesn't stop there, as the lessons shared throughout are relevant to all ages. Parents and educators can use the six little stories that follow as a springboard for meaningful dialogue around the value of each of these teachable moments.

It can be read start to finish, or perhaps over time to pause and allow for reflection after each story.

Every Now and Then and More is about observing life from all sides and rising above temporary disappointment or discouragement. This inspiring narrative is about manifestation with the thought that if you look more closely at the world and practice patience, your wishes and dreams really can come true.
Paperback version price $15.95, plus tax and shipping (30 pages). Preorders being taken now, for shipping the last two weeks of December.

About the Author

As a passionate educator who has worked with young children for close to three decades, author Jill Tenkula knows the impact of a story and its powerful effect. Jill is deeply motivated to see every child experience and enjoy success, and she knows that starts with believing in yourself and having the ability to see beyond situations that don't appear all that pleasing in the moment.

Jill remembers back to when she was a young child herself, and somewhere along the line having to tuck away her dreams and aspirations. Thankfully, children don't have to do that anymore.

There is nothing that compares to spending time with children either as a parent, caregiver, or educator; they have this incredible way of bringing us back to the magic and creativity of our youth.

Beginning with Every Now and Then and More, the Happy Kids' Tool Kit will enrich and enlighten all readers for years to come.

I C Bookstore & I C Publishing - Committed to Quality Content and Design